• Orphan Vulnerable Child Services

    An orphan or vulnerable child (OVC) is a child who has lost one or both parents. EDARP began offering OVC services in 2006. OVC services offered in EDARP clinics are FREE.

  • Pharmacy Services

    EDARP pharmacy has grown over time in terms of variety of medicines and the quantity of products stocked for dispensing

  • Laboratory Services

    The laboratory provides diagnostic services for patients accessing EDARP services. The laboratory operates on a network system where client samples from all EDARP clinics are collected and transported to the lab for testing

  • HIV Testing And Counceling

    EDARP provides HTC services at the facility and in the community as follows: o CITC – Client Initiated Testing and Counseling o PITC – Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling o Family Testing

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition department offers nutrition intervention which forms part of the comprehensive care and treatment management offered by EDARP. Services offered include; Nutritional Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, Monitoring and Evaluation


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Welcome To EDARP Website

  1. Our Background
  2. Organization History
  3. Our Mission and Vision
  4. Our Core Values

Eastern Deanery AIDS relief program (EDARP), is a local Catholic Faith Based Organization founded in 1993, to provide Community-based quality HIV and TB prevention, testing, treatment and care services in the Eastern slums of Nairobi. The target area has 95 informal settlements and an estimated population of 2,157,960 people. The area is served by only one Sub-County (Level -4). EDARP has provided high quality HIV/TB testing, prevention, treatment and care services for the past 24years. Nairobi County has the highest HIV burden in Kenya with 178,270 people estimated to be living with HIV and a HIV prevalence of 6.1%, EDARP serves a target population within Nairobi County with a much higher prevalence estimated at 12% in urban slums.


In 1993 when Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program (EDARP) was founded by Father Edward Phillips MM at the request of Roman Catholic priests from the Eastern Deanery Nairobi, the prevalence rate was much higher. Many men, women and children living in this area died from AIDS as there was no lifesaving intervention at the time. Many people who were infected were being discharged from hospital and sent home to die.


Our Mission

We shall provide affordable quality patient centered health care services in a Christ like manner with competence and excellence.

Our Vision

To Offer Sustainable affordable quality healthcare for all

EDARP Services aims at providing affordable quality health care. In this regard we will always endeavour to be an organization that will promote the following:
1.    Compassion
2.    Professionalism
3.    Patient Focus
4.    Quality
5.    Integrity
6.    Leadership and development
7.    Teamwork
8.    Diversity


Our Contact Info

Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program. P.O. BOX 47351 - 00100 GPO Nairobi



0722699211, 0731334461/67/55