Antenatal Care (ANC)

Who should attend ANC Clinic
All pregnant mothers, as soon as a woman confirms she is pregnant she should start ANC clinic. EDARP has 14 Clinics which offer ANC and PMTCT services from Monday – Friday, 7.30am – 4pm excluding weekends and public holidays. ANC services are FREE and are offered by highly qualified clinical staff i.e., Nurses, Clinical officers and Medical officers.

How often should I attend ANC clinic
Minimum of four visits

What is offered at the ANC clinic:

  • Health talks on pregnancy, nutrition, Infant and young child feeding  (IYCF), birth plan
  • Mother-baby booklets are issued
  • HIV counseling and testing for all mothers
  • Prophylactic treatment;

This includes administering multivite, folic acid, ferrous sulphate, Tetanus toxoid vaccine, and mothers offered mosquitoes nets to prevent malaria,

  • Counseling on safe infant feeding practices
  • TB/STI screening at every visit
  • Assess and treatment for urinary tract infections and Sexual Transmitted Infection’s
  • Male involvement activities
  • Enrolment of HIV infected pregnant and postnatal mothers in psychosocial support groups
  • Nutrition assessment and support
  • Care and support for the family

If HIV result is Positive:
Mother is counseled on ways of reducing chances of passing HIV to the baby. The following services are offered;

  • Mother is enrolled to HIV care, together with the partner if HIV Positive and encouraged to bring their children (if any) for HIV test and health care services.
  • Support and counseling is offered on ways of reducing chances of passing HIV to the baby.
  •  Family members are counseled to give support needed by the couple.
  • Mother is initiated on HAART to reduce mother to child transmission.
  • Mother is counseled on treatment adherence and baby prophylaxis, safe sex practices is enhanced to reduce chances of passing HIV to the baby and maintaining good health of the mother.
  • Mother is encouraged on importance of hospital delivery.
  • The HIV exposed infant is offered NVP prophylaxis within 72 hours of birth and continues with NVP for the duration of breastfeeding, this can be discontinued at 6 weeks if the mother is on HAART.
  • HIV exposed infants are put on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis to prevent opportunistic infections
  • Infants born from HIV infected mothers offered DNA PCR testing at 6 weeks after birth, followed by a HIV antibody test done at 9 and 18 months. If PCR results at 6 weeks are positive, the infant is enrolled into antiretroviral therapy.
  • Mothers are educated on importance of exclusive breastfeeding, exclusive replacement breastfeeding as prevention intervention for the uninfected infant. Mothers are also educated on dangers of mixed feeding to their uninfected infants. 
  • Home visits are made regularly to assess mother and baby’s well being
  • Mothers are offered postnatal care and immunizations for babies between 0-5 years as scheduled by Kenya Expanded Plan for Immunization (KEPI).
  • Nutrition counseling is offered to the mother on every clinic visit and planned home visits
  • We refer our ANC/PMTCT mothers for hospital delivery.

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