Nutrition Department

Nutrition department offers nutrition intervention which forms part of the comprehensive  care and treatment management offered by EDARP. Services offered include; Nutritional Assessment, Diagnosis, Intervention, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Nutrition assessment
Involves determining the nutrition health of an individual and their dietary needs to suit various clinical conditions.

Nutrition counseling and education
Aims at empowering patients with information that would assist them make informed health choices and change their attitude and behavior so as to embrace sound nutrition practices.

Nutrition support
This activity focus on clients who are malnourished/ wasted as a result of HIV/TB infection. Clients are taken through a rehabilitation program using certified food supplement to aid them in fast recovery.  Products mainly used are fortified bended flour (FBF) and plumpy nut which is a ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF). These products are therapeutic and their prescription and usage is based on national protocol.


Monitoring/follow up:
Patients who are on supplementation program are constantly and closely monitored through recovery process until they achieve nutritional normalcy and thereafter, a periodic follow up is done in order to avoid relapse cases. Focused home visit is conducted  

Management of various clinical conditions: various clinical conditions are also managed nutritionally. These includes: Diabetes, hypertension, overweight, liver conditions, ulcers, abnormal lab result among others.

Community strategy: CHW have been trained to do screen children at community level and refer them for health facility for nutrition intervention

Training community health care workers (CHCW): The CHW who are a link between the facility and the community


Benefits to the clients
Patients have been able to benefit a great deal through nutrition services offered at EDARP. The benefits have been noted in various levels

  • Those with underweight are treated using certified food supplement offered free of charge.
  • Improved quality of life and a high self esteem once patients fully recover from malnutrition. ( both underweight and overweight)
  • Nutritional interventions offered to clients with various clinical conditions.
  •  Nutritional counseling and education provides clients with information which enables them to make informed choices while embracing sound nutrition practices for a sustainable good heath.
  • Food drug-drug interaction: clients are educated on food drug interations and how to manage them. They get a food-drug plan and nutritional management of mild drug side effect.
  • Nutrition counseling and follow up for ANC clinics (counseling on maternal nutrition, infant feeding)
  • Growth monitoring program.





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