EDARP Pharmacy Services

Healthcare is delivered in a holistic manner involving various professionals to get the patient enjoy quality life. Pharmacy Department is involved to provide pharmaceutical care, proper adherence counselling to achieve the treatment goal(s) of viral suppression to all our clients. EDARP pharmacies dispenses Antiretroviral and anti-tuberculosis drugs free of charge. The EDARP pharmacies also stocks essential drugs to cater for the opportunistic infections to our clients on care.

The Pharmacy Department has qualified and experienced team with the key objective to serve with excellence and cherish confidentiality. The department has quality policies and procedures that are also reviewed to capture the current best practices as per national guidelines. We have an innovative and dedicated team that promotes patient safety and timeliness in all our operations.

The Pharmacy team ensures timely reporting of any suspected adverse drug to Pharmacy and poisons board.

EDARP procures all medicines and medical supplies only from registered suppliers thereby guaranteeing our patients quality medicines at all times, especially in light of the risk of counterfeit and substandard products in the industry.

The department is strictly observing the current guidelines on Covid-19 as guided by the ministry of health.

Patient Experience

The Pharmacy department endeavors to ensure that all our identified clients are linked into care, are virally suppressed and get back to your normal daily activities. Instructions for medication use are given in simple language.