Gender based violence

Gender based Violence (GBV) is a very sensitive topic that is culturally not deliberated openly. In this regard, it’s a global pandemic with serious public health and human rights concern. It is violence directed against a person on the basis of their gender either in private or public.

Both men and women are likely to experience this type of violence in the society, however according to World Health Organization statistics women, girls and children are more violated than their male counterparts. 1 in 3 women experience violence   in the hands of their partner or spouse that is approximately over 800 Million women worldwide. Up to 35% of murders of women globally are committed by their male partners!

There are different forms of GBV

Physical Violence; \Refers to attacks to individuals using physical acts such as beating, hitting, slapping, burning, biting etc.

Emotional/psychological violence: Refers to hurting a person’s feelings through acts such as causing embarrassment, threatning, insulting, locking one out of the house or constantly monitoring one’s movement/ activity etc.

Economic Violence; Actions like denying children opportunity to get an education, withholding family finances, preventing one from working, spending family resources without consultation, forcing partner to humiliate themselves for money, hiding or destroying one’s certificates denying them opportunity to get employment etc.

Sexual violence: Refer to any act of forcing/coercing one to perform sexual acts against their will, unwanted touching of one’s private parts, refusing to have protected sex, sodomy, rape, defilement etc. These can occur in marriages, school, workplace or on public transport.

Spiritual/Religious Violence: Refer to a faith leader inflicting abuse on congregation by creating toxic culture, shaming, controlling members or inappropriate personal boundaries. Could also be from an intimate partner ridiculing one’s spiritual believes, preventing one from practicing their spiritual believes, use of spiritual believes to manipulate, force children to be raised in a faith the other partner doesn’t agree to.

Human Trafficking: Use of force or fraud to obtain labor or commercial sex act. There’s use of violence, manupilation or false promise for well paying jobs or romantic relationships.

Harmful Traditional practices: Force early marriages, Female Genital Mutilation, honor killing etc.

GBV has adverse physical, sexual, spiritual and psycho-social consequences on the survivors. This may include Sexually transmitted Infections, unplanned pregnancies, premature deliveries, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders or resulting to drug / alcohol abuse and even death just to mention a few.

The survivor feels trapped, afraid, hopeless and restricted. There is a place you can get help.

Eastern Deanery AIDS Relief Program (EDARP) endeavors to STOP gender-based violence through;

  • Raising awareness on issues pertaining GBV in the community
  • We have a competent team of Psychologists and counselors who provide psycho-social support and counseling in confidential consultation rooms.
  • We listen with care and empathy
  • We link survivors of GBV to other services such as safe houses, legal services and financial opportunity through partnership with other providers.
  • We speak out to end and respond to violence