HMIS/M&E Department

The department aims to strengthen internal Program Data Monitoring and Evaluation to inform the management and implementers for improved planning and effective implementation of TB/HIV interventions according to the Activity Plan. 

The department works to 

  1. Ensure Quality
    • To ensure collection of information collected meets the high standards of quality as per Kenyan National Guidelines.
    • To provide information on program progress and effectiveness.
    • To improve program management and decision making.
    • To provide information for planning future resource needs.
    • To provide information useful for policy making and advocacy.
    • To improve on continuous quality improvement of care.
  2. Ensure Accountability
    • To show accountability to the stakeholders including the donors, the MOH and partners.
    • To ensure timely reporting to DHIS, DATIM and MER as per reporting cycles.
  3. Learning
    • To provide opportunities to learn from experience of current project and share best practices.
    • To provide evidence-based information on what works to inform future program and scaling up.
    • Update the EDARP staff on changes as recommended by National HIV/AIDS Health Management Information System.
  4. EMR System Efficiency – EDARP’s EMR system (Ecare) has been designed to capture the minimum standard requirements of Ministry of Health indicators and requirements from our donors. Having been introduced in 2004, Ecare has been able to cater for the needs of various stakeholders
  • Better service delivery by reducing client waiting time; Facilitates efficient patient clinical assessment and data recording by Health care workers; Facilitates easy client referral as client information can be accessed within all EDARP clinics; Getting accurate records, and have a documented audit trail of their medical history.

Coordinate and guide program data collection activities; Promote and support data quality improvement through Routine Data Assessment (RDQA); Monitor and evaluate all care and treatment program activities; Facilitate a feedback system to the management and staff to facilitate informed decision-making in all levels of the program

Provide timely, accurate and reliable care and treatment program activity reports; Easy assessment of activities funded; Technical support; Ensure interoperability between Ecare system and the internal and external Laboratory Information Management Systems, the National Data Warehouse and the Child Protection Management Information System (CPMIS).




The Ecare system has grown overtime since its inception to a full paperless point of care system.