Open Resource Audio-Visuals

The objective of the Open Resource Audio-Visual Program is to contribute to the spiritual development of young people by producing alternative content which promotes character formation.This audio-visual content is produced in thematic areas outlined below:

Thematic Areas

Social justice is about creating an enabling environment in which every person experiences peace, personal and community development, and enjoys rights as provided for by legal provisions for institutions and the administration of the common good. Children and young people who grow up with a deeper understanding of freedom and responsibility for themselves and the people they live with grow to be better citizens and stewards of God’s love for  humanity.
Faith is not a one-time event. It is an everyday commitment. As young believers living among those with similar struggles, how do we overcome challenges that may make us lose faith? In a world where everyone is not committed to the Kingdom of God, discouragement can be a real temptation. How do we support ourselves through daily spiritual challenges?
Globalization has changed the way children interrelate. Young people have become more technologically advanced. Media such as magazines, radio, video games, and the internet have the potential to influence children’s behavior . For this reason, engaging young people in edutainment is critical in helping them acquire positive values that enable them become productive members of  the society.
The Bible is one of the main sources from which we learn about our faith.  The other is a tradition handed over to us by the early Christians through generations. In a secularized world, there is no shortage of misinformation and disinformation on various interpretations of the Bible. Learning to understand the Bible is a sure way of standing on your feet in your faith in God. We offer online and offline Bible  training that enables an integrated and holistic deepening of one’s love for God and neighbour.
This is a practical program that aims to develop children’s thinking capacity. As they grow into a world of economic and political competition, children who have high analytical skills, strong rhetoric skills, and have a strong foundation in critical thinking will be future leaders. LCMC organizes programs that supports teens to learn basic philosophical principles  that enables them not only to improve their academic performance but also learn to be better thinkers and therefore become responsible citizens.