Our Core Values

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EDARP Services aims at providing affordable quality health care. In this regard we will always endeavour to be an organization that will promote the following:
1.    Compassion
2.    Professionalism
3.    Patient Focus
4.    Quality
5.    Integrity
6.    Leadership and development
7.    Teamwork
8.    Diversity

Of fundamental importance to us as health care professionals is to serve our clients kindheartedly or with empathy emulating Christ as a role model. In doing so we will ensure the well-being and dignity of all those we serve and work with is uphold.

We will strictly abide by professional ethics and conduct/considerations, standards and procedures
Patient Centered Focus:
We strive for a seamless system readily navigated by our patient and continuously ensure unique patient satisfaction. We will prioritize safety, quality and the patient experience in everything we do.

Our highest priority is quality in the services we provide and we will thus maintain prompt quality health care at all service delivery levels. We will continue to strive for excellence, and are committed to evidence-based improvements.

We will be accountable and transparent in service delivery and fulfil our duties and obligations and honor our commitments to each other and to every person we serve. We will communicate with openness and honesty. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard in our work and take responsibility for the consequences of our actions.

We will promote the development and growth of staff throughout the organization and continue to allow our leading programs to export our knowledge nationally and internationally.

We will maintain effective team spirit and embrace a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to clinical care.

Our programs will recognize and accommodate the unique needs of diverse populations