Social Justice for Young People

Social Justice for Children and Young People in Schools is a Jesuits’ in Eastern Africa project spearheaded by Loyola Centre for Media and Communications (LCMC).

This program aims at creating an enabling environment in which every person has the privilege, freedom, and opportunity to experience peace and enjoy all human rights. Children and young people who grow up with a deeper understanding of freedom and responsibility for themselves and the people they live with will grow to be better citizens and stewards of God’s love for humanity.

The LCMC Social Justice Program targets:

  • Children and students (both in primary and secondary schools) as they are the primary beneficiaries of the project.
  • Education instructors-the teachers for capacity development and acquisition of skills to continue helping the children.
  • Parents, local leaders, and the community to gain support to ensure the project’s objectives are met.

In particular, LCMC works with children in schools to develop spiritual and value-based content which will help promote the children’s character formation in a globalized world. LCMC promotes social justice in schools by empowering young people to contribute to social and economic transformation as well as a culture of non-violence. LCMC does this through focused and dedicated artistic expressions and performances on the local pertinent social issues that need to be tackled and faced upon.