Word from the Executive Director

Dr Elias Mokua, SJ - Executive Director

In 2019, LCMC embarked on a nationwide study to explore the extent to which value-based learning is implemented in schools and/or reinforced at home. More specifically, we wanted to establish the centrality of audio-visuals, in schools, homes, and religious spaces in the formation of children. These are places where children spend considerable time and therefore likely to influence their attitude and character formation. From the study, we learnt that:

  1. Teachers, students and children are aware of what values are and the need for inculcating values in children. However, teachers concentrate on examinable subjects.
  2. Parents, though aware, are less involved in the promotion and imparting of values to children compared to teachers in spite of their centrality in teaching values to children. The problem experienced is that parents do not have as much time as they would love to with their children because of pressures to do other compelling duties
  3. The main challenge to the learning of values is lack of modelling or mentorship program for parents and teachers to know exactly how carry out value-based learning. While even the government puts emphasis on teaching values and has gone further to publish books on values, the implementation is very weak. Modelling of children is also very weak, the study shows.
  4. Advanced media technology (including use of social media platforms) is a challenge to both parents and teachers. They struggle to learn how to use the latest technology that children have access to and how to create a healthy use of these resources for children. Children are far advanced in accessing and using the gadgets.

Based on these findings, we have embarked on providing an audio-visual Open Resource to contribute to better supporting of children in learning and internalizing (positive) values. In addition to understanding the values, our program offers audio-visual content that promotes spiritual formation for teens – whom we call Igniters at LCMC – so they can become fires that enkindle other fires.

Furthermore, we offer training on digital media literacy to parents, guardians and instructors. To sharpen the imagination of teens and spur their creativity, we offer critical thinking lessons using edutainment.

LCMC helps parents and their children find content that speaks both to the mind and to the heart through our Open Resource platform, Media Lab trainings and social justice for students in and out of school. We use an evidence-based approach in our content development.

Gladly, we have an amazing team of young talent that has the formal training to work with teens (the Igniters). This team will not only help deepen the critical thinking of the Igniters but also provide alternative content to the secular content that is freely available.  Drop us your feedback to help improve our content for you parents, guardians, instructors and teenagers.